Egg Freezing with Spring Fertility

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I know this can be such a hard and very personal thing to talk about but that is why I want to help break the ice and make it feel a little less scary. I hope y’all found this information helpful and if you want a more in-depth look at my conversation with Spring Fertility, please check out the chat we had with Dr. Catha Fisher, the Medical Director at Spring Fertility on my Patreon. If this is something you are thinking about, go in for a consult and learn more! You can use my promo code “LEX” and to get your initial consult for $250 in New York. If anything you will have a little more information and a little more peace of mind. I appreciate y’all being here and supporting me more than you know. There is a lot more to share and I am going to keep all the good information coming your way so stick around. Anything you want to see from me next? I love and need y’alls feedback. I see you honey and I want to chat!

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